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We represent people in trouble. Our criminal defense practice covers the spectrum from murder, to financial crimes to drunk driving. The attorneys at the Berry Law Firm uphold a client’s rights at every stage, attacking the prosecution’s case.

If you are charged with state or federal crimes in Nebraska, we provide experienced and aggressive representation. Please call 402-466-8444 or e-mail us to arrange a confidential consultation.

Aggressive Representation in State and Federal Courts

The government has broad powers and nearly unlimited resources to prosecute crimes. A conviction for a felony crime or even a misdemeanor offense can cost you your freedom and negatively impact the rest of your life. While criminal convictions in Nebraska may be pardoned or set aside, they never completely disappear.

Our criminal defense attorneys aggressively challenge the prosecution’s case. We are confident we can improve your outcome, no matter what the charges: drug crimes, sex offenses, crimes of violence, white collar crimes, federal charges or DUI.

We represent individuals facing serious criminal charges in Nebraska and other states. While we have a long history of representing Nebraskans, we also have a long history of representing military personnel charged with crimes and out-of-state drivers stopped for drugs on I-80. Attorney John Stevens Berry, Sr. has represented clients in criminal cases in 24 states and two foreign countries.

Experienced Counsel for Many Legal Issues

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