Blog Posts in 2018

  • Minors and the Criminal Justice System

    The criminal justice system is a pretty well-known process; however, when a person is under the age of majority (19 in Nebraska and 18 in most other states), it can be a whole new process for not only the minor, but also for the parent. There are a few aspects that can be expected from the juvenile court system. Apprehending a minor In certain instances, a minor may not be sent to the juvenile ...
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  • Trafficking Laws in the State of Nebraska

    Human trafficking is on the rise around the country, and Nebraska is no exception. Since 2012, there have been 205 reported cases of human trafficking with the peak happening in 2017—with 63 cases. The general term of human trafficking can be split into two distinct categories, labor trafficking and sex trafficking. While they hold different definitions, they generally carry the same degree of ...
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  • Mandatory Minimum Sentences in Nebraska

    Each crime carries its own classification and penalties, and generally the more severe the crime the greater the punishments. Additionally, when crimes grow in severity, they also begin to require what are called mandatory minimum sentences. These are sentencing guidelines that a judge must follow when an individual is convicted of a crime. Although these minimums are set, an experienced attorney ...
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  • How to Reduce a DUI Sentence

    A DUI in Nebraska is a serious offense that carries harsh punishments. Not only can you get your license taken away for years, but you can also face jail time and hefty fines. There is a chance for you to reduce your penalties, however. Listed below are different ways that you can minimize your DUI charge. Challenging the DUI Evidence The most straightforward way to reduce your DUI sentence is by ...
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