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Veterans Helping Veterans With VA Disability Claims

Both John S. Berry Sr. and John S. Berry Jr. are decorated veterans of the U.S. Army. For as long as the Berry Law Firm remains open, veterans’ disability claims will always form a major practice priority for our lawyers and staff. If you need advice about your right to veterans’ disability benefits, contact our office for a consultation. We represent veterans nationwide on a variety of disability claims to include:

  • Post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, knee injuries, Agent Orange related disorders such as cancers and Type II Diabetes

We Know How to Establish Your Right to Veterans' Disability Benefits

The primary challenge in the veterans’ disability claims process is to prove a causal relationship between a current medical or health problem and your military service. We don’t need to prove total incapacity or a complete inability to work for a living. What we do need to prove is a medically identifiable physical condition with origins in military service.

We are accredited by the VA to represent veterans seeking compensation, and we have successfully obtained compensation benefits for thousands of veterans. We handle disability benefits claims related to combat wounds, post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, vehicle accidents, chemical exposure, infectious illness, and a host of other service-related medical problems. Our lawyers can represent you and protect your interests at every stage of the process, including the Regional Office, the Board of Veterans Appeals, and the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims.

No matter what stage of the VA benefits appeals process you find yourself in, we can help. Contact the Berry Law Firm in Lincoln to learn more about our ability to protect your interests.