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Nebraska INSURANCE FRAUD Lawyers

Insurance Fraud Charges in Lincoln & Omaha

Insurance companies do not hesitate to contact law enforcement if they believe a claim is fraudulent. Those accused may have little warning that they are under investigation for criminal charges until they are contacted by law enforcement. By that time, police typically are looking for probable cause to make an arrest.

Established in 1965, the Berry Law Firm has earned a statewide and national reputation for excellence in criminal defense. With offices in Omaha and Lincoln, our criminal defense lawyers represent clients throughout Nebraska. Contact us for skilled defense if you have been charged with insurance fraud.

Skilled Defense in Insurance Fraud Crimes

According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, insurance fraud costs insurance companies more than $80 billion every year. Insurance fraud is an increasing focus of law enforcement in Nebraska and other states.

When a law enforcement officer asks a suspect to submit to an interview concerning suspected insurance fraud, the purpose of the meeting is often to obtain enough information or probable cause to make an arrest. The officer in most cases is a trained interrogator and might not tell you everything he or she knows and may even lie about the case to elicit admissions. If the suspect attempts to explain the situation, he or she may inadvertently provide information that corroborates the charges. If the suspect attempts to lie, he or she may be charged with additional crimes. To avoid potentially devastating consequences, anyone suspected of a crime should consider contacting a criminal defense attorney before talking to anyone.

Our lawyers represent clients facing such insurance fraud charges as the following:

  • Life insurance fraud
  • Theft, fire and water damage claims
  • Auto insurance fraud
  • Disability insurance fraud
  • Medicare or Medicaid fraud
  • Health insurance fraud

In any fraud case, the key question is often whether the state can meet its burden of proof. Without the suspect’s help, it may not be able to do so.

Contact Our Criminal Defense Law Firm

For more information about our insurance fraud defense practice, contact the Berry Law Firm at (402) 817-6550 in Lincoln and at 402-763-8877 in Omaha.