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Defense for Solicitation of a Minor in Nebraska

Charges of solicitation of a minor are on the rise in the United States due to the proliferation of chat rooms and sexually oriented ads on the Internet. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, one in seven children has been solicited for sex online. As a result, local police and federal agents take these charges very seriously.

Anyone who has been contacted by law enforcement officers concerning a sex crime involving a minor may need legal representation immediately. When a law enforcement officer asks a suspect to submit to an interview concerning a crime such as a solicitation, the purpose of the interview may be to make an arrest. If the suspect attempts to explain the situation, he or she may inadvertently provide information that corroborates the charges and gives the officer probable cause to take the suspect into custody.

The Berry Law Firm provides aggressive defense for sex offenses, including solicitation of a minor. With offices in Omaha and Lincoln, our sex crime defense lawyers represent clients throughout Nebraska. To make an appointment, call (402) 817-6550 or contact us online.

Defending Your Reputation and Your Future

Anyone who has been accused of a sex crime involving a minor is in a fight for his or her life. The potential consequences, including prison and lifetime registration as a sex offender affect every aspect of the suspect’s life, from family relationships to future employment, housing and other opportunities.

Any crime involving use of the Internet, such as luring or solicitation of a minor, can be charged as a federal or state crime. Federal crimes come with serious penalties and require a lawyer who is experienced with federal criminal trials. Our attorneys are fully qualified to defend clients in federal court.

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For more information, contact the solicitation of a minor defense lawyers at the Berry Law Firm at (402) 817-6550 in Lincoln and at 402-763-8877 in Omaha.