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Seward Criminal Defense Attorneys

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At Berry Law Firm, our Seward criminal defense lawyers are well-known throughout the city, and indeed all throughout Seward County, for bringing hard-hitting legal advocacy to the courtroom on behalf of our clients. Ever since we were established in 1965, we have been at the forefront of criminal defense, constantly striving to develop new litigation strategies and never giving up a fight, even in cases where the evidence seemed impossibly stacked against our clients. This steadfast sense of duty and unwavering spirit has garnered a popular and ever-expanding reputation among our peers and members of Nebraska’s tight-knit legal community.

Our dedication and connection to the law has earned us numerous accolades, such as:

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Keeping the Criminal Justice System Honest

It can be frightful to think of all the power law enforcement agents, judges, and legislators have when it comes to prosecuting and penalizing those accused of criminal violations. It is with much pride that our Seward County criminal defense attorneys rise to the challenge to represent and protect our clients. Not only are we defending you, but we are also defending the Constitution of the United States. Through our efforts and the efforts of defense attorneys everywhere, we ensure that the criminal justice system remains fair and balanced.

Just some of the cases we have handled in the past included accusations of:

Drug Crime Arrests Along Interstate 80

There is currently much controversy surrounding how Nebraska State highway patrol officers are making arrests along Interstate 80. We have discussed their reported tactics in a blog entry before but the summary is that they are stereotyping drivers who are coming from California or Colorado and stopping them, assuming they are carrying illegal drugs. As Interstate 80 does run west-to-east straight through Nebraska, this would be a likely route for drug trafficking but any stop brought about by stereotyping is unlawful and no evidence collected from it should be admissible in court. There have also been cases where a drug-sniffing dog was brought in and allegedly “found a mark” despite showing no telltale signs of smelling narcotics.

Drug crime cases we can manage include but are not limited to:

Sit Tight While We Put Up a Fight

After you have been arrested for a crime in Nebraska, there is not much you should do other than stay respectfully quiet and call our Seward criminal defense attorneys. Building up your case, analyzing the evidence, and preparing for trial should not be something that falls into your lap. Let our highly-experienced professionals take the reins and provide trusted legal advocacy for you.

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Seward & Seward County Courtrooms

Depending on the criminal violation for which you have been arrested, you are most likely to have court dates set at one of two locations:

Seward County Court

  • 529 Seward Street, Third Floor, Seward, NE 68434
  • Hours – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday
  • Phone – 402.643.3341
  • Fax – 402.643.3214

Seward County District Court

  • 529 Seward Street #305, Seward, NE 68434
  • Hours – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday
  • Phone – 402.643.4895
  • Fax – 402.643.2950