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Military Criminal Defense Attorney in Nebraska

Proudly Defending the Rights of Veterans and Military Personnel in Omaha & Lincoln

Were you arrested as a civilian and are now being charged under military laws? Are you active duty military personnel who has been court-martialed? Under the U.S. Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), there are certain types of offenses that could impact your military career, jeopardize your future, and threaten your freedom.

Any type of military criminal matter will require immediate legal attention.
Call our criminal defense attorneys in Lincoln & Omaha to learn how we can help you.

We Defend the Service Men & Women Who Sacrificed Their Freedoms for Our Nation

Without the right legal counselor at your side, your future, your freedom, and your reputation could be in jeopardy. If you have been arrested, charged, or punished under military law, you must consult our Lincoln criminal defense lawyers immediately. The Berry Law Firm is here to make certain that complete justice is served to you.

A military crime conviction can have many adverse effects, such as:

  • An arrest could jeopardize your ability to secure promotions, security clearances, or awards
  • A conviction could trigger a discharge from the National Guard
  • A court-martial could take away your right to possess a firearm, meaning you would be ineligible to continue serving in the Armed Forces
  • Any type of arrest, conviction, violation, or court-martial could completely terminate your military career

At the Berry Law Firm, we proudly provide hard-hitting legal advocacy for the brave service men and women who have sacrificed many of their precious freedoms during their unrelenting fight for the freedoms and rights of Americans. We believe that our clients simply cannot afford a criminal conviction. In cases involving military personnel and veterans, we have a complete understanding of both military laws and civilian laws that may have an impact on your case.

Choose Berry Law Firm to Safeguard Your Interests

At the Berry Law Firm, we are proud to have more than 100 years of collective legal experience to our firm's reputable name. Our extensive legal education, our trial experience, and our unique military background combine to give us a competitive edge when defending the rights of veterans and military personnel in the Lincoln and Omaha communities.

Former clients have retained our civilian lawyers for the following reasons:

  • Attorney Berry Sr. served with the military and is a graduate of the Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Course in Charlottesville
  • Attorney Berry Jr. is a graduate of the Army Ranger School and served in Bosnia and Iraq
  • We have a special understanding of the unique needs of military clients and their families
  • We are proud members of the National Organization of Veterans' Advocates

We have a place of sympathy and compassion for the military personnel and veterans who have been placed under the scrutiny of the law. Rather than punishing the individuals who have so bravely defended our nation's liberty, we stand at their side and proactively demand justice.

Contact Our Lincoln Military Criminal Defense Firm Today

The Berry Law Firm proudly provides aggressive and effective legal counsel to clients throughout Lincoln, Omaha, and other surrounding areas of Nebraska. We have experience in all state and federal courts, including military courts. Choose to be defended by a legal team that goes into the courtroom armed to fight and ready to win.

Contact our Omaha military criminal defense firm to schedule your case evaluation.