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Need to Defend Your Professional License?

Call on Our Nebraska Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

The nationwide crackdown on prescription drug addictions has not just yielded offenders who have obtained medication through fraudulent means. This new law enforcement focus has also ensnared medical professionals thought to be complicit. In many cases, not only does this make these professionals vulnerable to criminal charges, but also the loss of their professional license.

This two-pronged issue is overwhelming for many medical professionals who now face the reality of being tried by both a criminal court and an administrative board. That is why, here at Berry Law Firm, we are proud to offer comprehensive professional license defense services in addition to our criminal defense representation. We have the experience to streamline these defense efforts and make sure that our client's side of the story is asserted and their rights are protected.

If you are at risk of losing your professional license due to a prescription drug charge, then contact us to speak with a dedicated Nebraska criminal defense lawyer today.

Accused of prescription drug fraud? Get counsel!

Doctors are not the only ones at risk of license suspension or revocation for a prescription drug charge. Any medical professional responsible for prescribing, distributing, or administering prescription drugs can be held accountable by an administrative body.

Berry Law is prepared to advise and represent:

  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Registered nurses
  • Psychiatrists
  • Veterinarians

As soon as you have been notified of administrative action, it is time to seek proper legal counsel. Since 1965, Berry Law Firm has been committed to the defense and advocacy of our clients, regardless of the charges they were facing. Whether your license matter involves of an investigation, revocation, appeal, or reinstatement, our team is ready to walk you through this process and ensure that your livelihood is properly and assuredly spoken for.

When you need a drug crime lawyer in Nebraska to stand up against your charges, be sure to call Berry Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation. We have locations in both Omaha & Lincoln.