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Nebraska Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense in Lincoln, Omaha & Statewide

Since 1965, our NE criminal defense lawyers at Berry Law Firm have been protecting the rights of individuals charged with serious drug crimes. With over a century of combined experience, our team of accomplished attorneys has achieved a national reputation for our formidable defense representation. In Nebraska and over 20 other states, we have assisted individuals facing both misdemeanor and felony drug charges. We can provide the defense that you need during this critical time.

The government has extensive resources to draw upon when prosecuting a drug case. If you are confronting state or federal drug charges, you need equally hard-hitting and determined representation. To learn how a Lincoln drug crime lawyer from Berry Law Firm can help you, contact our office today to schedule an initial case consultation. We have locations in both Lincoln and Omaha.

Uncompromising Representation, No Matter the Charge

Some firms are not up to the challenge of a felony drug charge and shy away from handling cases of this nature. Still others may phone in their defense of misdemeanor cases, thinking it too minor to deserve their full attention. Our Omaha and Lincoln drug crime attorneys do not think this way.

At Berry Law Firm, we recognize that every drug charge can have a significant impact on the rest of your life. We provide diligent and uncompromising representation to each of our clients, no matter what the charge. We are undeterred by size or scope when it comes to defending criminal drug charges.

Our Lincoln criminal defense attorneys have aggressively and successfully defended clients in charges involving nearly any type of controlled substance, including:

  • LSD
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine / Crack
  • Ecstasy / MDMA

Were you pulled over on Interstate 80? We can help!

Law enforcement has singled out Interstate 80 as a drug thoroughfare. Their overly zealous pursuit has resulted in many questionable stops. Many individuals, including both Nebraskans and out-of-state residents, have unfortunately found themselves subjected to dubious law enforcement tactics. Our team of Lincoln & Omaha drug crime lawyers is highly experienced in disputing these tactics and the details surrounding a drug arrest on Interstate 80.

Berry Law Firm can assertively challenge the circumstances that led up to your drug arrest along I-80, including:

Successfully Defending Citizens Across the Country

Whether you are a college student, military personnel, or a visitor to our state, Berry Law Firm can provide the customized and vigorous advocacy you need to challenge a criminal drug charge. We do everything in our power to reduce or drop your charges in Nebraska.

Arrested for a drug crime? Call Berry Law Firm today!

Berry Law Firm has a long history of fighting for others in the courtroom and beyond. Whether you have been charged with possession, trafficking, conspiracy, or any other type of drug crime, we can provide the tenacious and forceful legal counsel you need! Call our Lincoln or Omaha office today to request an initial case consultation with one of our experienced drug crime defense attorneys.