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Omaha & Lincoln DUI Defense Attorneys

Under a new law that went into effect in 2012, it is a felony in Nebraska to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol with a child in the car. Anyone who finds himself or herself facing felony charges needs legal representation as soon as possible.

Established in 1965, the Berry Law Firm has developed and maintained a reputation for excellence in protecting the rights of people who have been arrested for drunk driving. From our offices in Omaha and Lincoln, our lawyers handle child endangerment and DUI cases throughout Nebraska.

New Law Increases DUI Penalties

Nebraska DUI penalties are among the toughest in the nation. Those laws became tougher in January of this year when the state made DUI child endangerment a separate crime. In the past, people who were arrested for drunk driving with a child in the car were charged with DUI and child neglect, both misdemeanors as long as the DUI was a first offense. DUI child endangerment is a felony.

Felony charges contain the possibility for significant fines and jail time. As a convicted felon, you would also lose the right to vote and possess firearms or ammunition. Many employers would not hire someone who is a convicted felon.

Our skilled attorneys have earned a statewide reputation for successfully challenging DUI evidence both at DMV revocation hearings and in DUI criminal proceedings.

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For more information about DUI child endangerment, contact the Berry Law Firm at (402) 817-6550 in Lincoln and at 402-763-8877 in Omaha.