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Blog Posts in April, 2017

  • How Do I Fight a Felony Drug Charge?

    || 20-Apr-2017

    The other day, I saw a photo online of a criminal defense attorney’s billboard that said: “JUST BECAUSE YOU DID IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE GUILTY.” A similar sentiment can be applied to felony drug charges. Most lawyers were required to take a Property Law class in law school. While many lawyers don’t remember much about the class, most lawyers remember that ...
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  • Terroristic Threats Emerging From the NCAA Tournament

    || 10-Apr-2017

    Omaha basketball official John Higgins has received hundreds of threats from fans furious over his calls during an NCAA men’s basketball tournament game between Kentucky and North Carolina on March 26. After several death threats were allegedly received via email and voice mail, the Sarpy county sheriff’s office in Nebraska opened an investigation. Some people recently posted on ...
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  • What are Abraham Factors?

    || 5-Apr-2017

    Abraham factors are sentencing factors federal courts have recently used to sentence criminal defendants convicted of child pornography offenses. The courts originally used 18 USCS Appx § 2G2.2 to determine sentencing for child porn cases, but these guidelines were not based on expertise or careful study of empirical data. This often resulted in sentencing exceeding the statutory maximum in ...
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