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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Common Questions About Appeals

    || 29-Mar-2017

    What Happens When I Appeal a Criminal Case? A person convicted of a crime has the right to appeal. This means if you are convicted of a crime, you have the right to ask a higher court to review the lower court’s ruling. The first appeal in a criminal case is known as a “direct appeal,” which a criminal defendant may file after he or she is sentenced. In Nebraska state courts, a ...
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  • Am I Going to Get Federally Indicted?

    || 23-Mar-2017

    Berry Law Firm clients arrested on state charges or pending investigations often ask us this question. The answer depends on the type of criminal investigation and the facts of the case. Below we will discuss some examples. White Collar Cases In white collar cases, it is not unusual for an investigation to go on for months, if not years, before a criminal defendant is indicted. In some cases, ...
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  • Questions about Nebraska Arrest Warrants and Detainers

    || 13-Mar-2017

    In Nebraska, when an arrest warrant is issued for a person incarcerated in another state, is a detainer automatically lodged in that state? No, according to the Interstate Agreement on Detainers Act, the prosecuting authority has to file a written request for custody with the incarcerating state. What steps must a prosecutor or court take to lodge a detainer in another state? They generally file ...
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  • How do I fight a search warrant?

    || 2-Mar-2017

    First, police need to describe the person to be searched, the items to be seized, and the time during which the search will be conducted. Sometimes police get a warrant that is invalid because they fail to adequately describe what it is they intend to search or seize. A good criminal defense lawyer will look at both the description of the place to be searched and the items police intend to seize. ...
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  • Should I hire a lawyer for my first DUI?

    || 10-Feb-2017

    For many people, a DUI charge is the first legal matter requiring them to appear in court. Most fear the thought of going to court alone and prefer to have an attorney present, giving them peace of mind in the belief that they are going to reach the best possible outcome. However, there are some who would rather face the unknown alone because the thought of hiring a lawyer is just as scary. Some ...
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  • When Criminal Charges are Pending - Move Quickly

    || 31-Jan-2017

    “Act now.” We are all familiar with this sales tactic creating a sense of urgency. Most of the time this "call to action" benefits the seller more than the consumer. However, there are situations in life where immediate action saves lives. The faster the fire department arrives, the more likely it is they will be able to rescue victims and prevent damage. Similarly in combat, ...
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  • Berry Law Firm Welcomes Attorney Andrew Strotman to the Firm

    || 20-Jan-2017

    Andrew Strotman – a former judge advocate of the Marine Corps – has joined the Berry Law Firm, adding his years of white-collar advocacy to the firm’s repertoire. Berry Law Firm of Nebraska welcomes its latest addition, Andrew Strotman, to the firm, a lawyer with a military background and a strong reputation for handling white-collar criminal cases and civil litigation involving ...
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  • The Not Guilty Verdict in Nebraska Just Got Better

    || 18-Jan-2017

    Most people charged with crimes fear prison time, but the thought of being found not guilty and having a criminal charge on their record for the rest of their lives is also an immediate concern. As their cases develop and criminal defense attorneys better understand the details, clients begin to think of the long-term ramifications of how being found not guilty will affect their reputation, time, ...
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  • Understanding Nebraska Criminal Defense Terms

    || 10-Jan-2017

    When a client comes to see us, they often just want to solve a problem. Most persons charged with crimes are more concerned about their reputation, time, and money than the mechanics of the Nebraska judicial system. However, there are moments in every case in which a client needs to understand exactly what is going on. We often work with out-of-state attorneys in serious felony and federal cases ...
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