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Blog Posts in September, 2016

  • Conviction by Mobile Phone

    || 19-Sep-2016

    It’s only a matter of time before your phone destroys you. Some people keep their entire lives on their phones. When they lose a phone, if their data is not backed up on the cloud, they lose everything, from precious photos to important contact information. Some people have the opposite problem: they wish they could lose the data on their phone, but they can’t. In many instances, data ...
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  • Berry Law Firm is proud to announce that Lincoln Criminal Defense Attorney Matt Aerni has secured an acquittal for his client accused of acting as a getaway driver last year. The positive ruling for the defense is actually one of three acquittals in a row in Lancaster County, Nebraska. Each of the three cases were seen by a jury who brought back their verdicts. Aerni’s client was accused of ...
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  • Interstate Trucking Accident Litigation

    || 12-Sep-2016

    You probably don’t think about what would happen if something flew off your car and landed on the interstate. Long-suffering movie families routinely lose luggage off the tops of their station wagons, but in real life we generally store duffel bags and suitcases in our trunks. Unless you’re carrying a bicycle or towing a grill, there’s nothing on the outside of your personal ...
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  • Should You Hire a VA Disability Claims Attorney?

    || 6-Sep-2016

    We run into a lot of misconceptions about what an attorney can do for a veteran seeking disability compensation from the VA. When deciding whether you should hire an attorney, consider the following: Should I Hire an Attorney? If you have received a denial from the VA, it might be time to contact an attorney. If you have filed claims in the past and need to reopen those claims, an attorney may ...
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