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Blog Posts in October, 2016

  • Proving Your Innocence

    || 26-Oct-2016

    Berry Law Firm has represented many persons outraged that the government has charged them with crimes. They look forward to their day in court, when they can “prove” their innocence. While it is understandable that most people who are charged with crimes feel they need to fight to get their reputations back, the criminal justice system is not set up for a person to prove his or her ...
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  • The Amnesty Box

    || 11-Oct-2016

    Berry Law Firm’s Nebraska criminal defense attorneys often get inquiries from people who say, “I’m in possession of something illegal. What do I do with it?” The military has a simple solution for this type of problem: In the Army, if someone fails to turn in ammunition after firing a weapon at the range, he or she can put the ammunition into an amnesty box, no questions ...
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