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Blog Posts in May, 2016

  • Q & A - Search Warrants

    || 27-May-2016

    Q: If I get stopped on the interstate, will the police search my car, regardless of whether or not I consent? A: In interstate drug stop cases, sometimes drivers deny consent to search the vehicle and the vehicle is searched regardless of consent. However, law enforcement may not search a vehicle without consent unless the officer has a lawful reason and the authority to do so. First consent must ...
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  • Human Rights Watch recently issued a report on the survivors of military sexual trauma (MST), and their treatment after reporting the assault. (Here: ) Although recent reforms have improved the way that the military responds to victims of sexual assault, many of those who were assaulted were forced out of the military in ...
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  • A man who was arrested in October, 2014 following an Interstate 80 drug stop just west of Lincoln while on his way to Colorado with $65,000 to purchase marijuana has been cleared of all charges. According to Lincoln Judge Susan Strong, 24-year-old Erik J. Felsheim of Minnesota committed no crime in Nebraska by intending to commit a crime in another state. Felsheim’s defense attorney pointed ...
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  • Interstate Trucking

    || 16-May-2016

    Shocking as it may seem, when a trucking company is involved in a crash, they will often quickly have a team of investigators at the scene of the crash, and despite their being several people at the scene taking stock of what happened, the company will mysteriously “lose” evidence which one would think should be readily available. Additionally, trucking cases are largely influenced by ...
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