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Blog Posts in March, 2016

  • Expediting Claims Tips

    || 28-Mar-2016

    The amount of time that it takes for the VA to decide an appeal leaves many veterans feeling hopeless about moving their claims forward. The VA provides several criteria that allow veterans claims to be expedited. Further there is are avenues outside the VA that can get eyes on a file within the VA. How does the VA view claims and why is it important that veterans think that way too? As we ...
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  • Insurance: Collateral Source Rule

    || 23-Mar-2016

    In some states, the “collateral source rule” is a powerful negotiating tool you and your attorney can use to help maximize your recovery after an injury which was not your fault. Generally speaking, the collateral source rule states that in the event your case goes to trial, you are allowed to ask the jury to award you damages for your medical bills based on the amount the care ...
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  • Most criminal defense attorneys write blogs about their statistical successes by resolving cases without a conviction, and most attorneys spout off incredible records of success that, by any account, are simply impossible. Like most things, anyone can make up statistics or shape statistics to fit their own agenda. The attorneys at the Berry Law Firm are very successful at getting cases dismissed ...
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