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Blog Posts in June, 2016

  • The Big Three Things That Will Ruin Your Criminal Defense

    || 23-Jun-2016

    People contact criminal defense attorneys when they feel the most important things in life are on the line. Criminal defense attorneys know that their clients have placed a great deal of trust in them. Unfortunately individuals charged with crimes often do things that minimize attorney’s effectiveness. Below are three things that people do that can destroy their chance of getting a favorable ...
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  • Damages in a Personal Injury Case

    || 15-Jun-2016

    Depending on the circumstances, when you are injured by someone else’s negligence, you are generally entitled to be paid monetary damages by that other person. While most people are likely aware of this fact, what many people may not know, is what type of damages are compensable and what kinds of expenses can be accounted for in compensable damages. Damages in a personal injury case ...
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  • Jail or Probation

    || 3-Jun-2016

    Recently, there has been a lot of talk in Nebraska amongst politicians regarding the large number of people we have sitting in jail or prison across the state. According to the Nebraska Department of Corrections, in 2005, the average number of people incarcerated in Nebraska Prisons was 4,086.In 2014, the average number of people incarcerated in Nebraska prisons was 4,871.The increase constitutes ...
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