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Blog Posts in November, 2015

  • When Is an Arrest or Seizure Unreasonable?

    || 27-Nov-2015

    You may have heard the 4th amendment to the United States Constitution protects you from unreasonable searches and seizures. An arrest is a seizure. The general rule is that law enforcement may not arrest you without a warrant, as such an arrest is considered unreasonable. In a criminal case, an unreasonable arrest can lead to the exclusion of evidence of a crime which law enforcement finds during ...
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  • Berry Law Firm attorney Justin Kalemkiarian was featured on KMTV News today in coverage of the sexual assault allegations against a Huskers football player. Watch the video below to see what he had to say about the case:
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  • Evidence Proving Agent Orange Exposure for Non-Vietnam Vets

    || 17-Nov-2015

    Veterans applying for Agent Orange related conditions including diabetes mellitus, prostate cancer, ischemic heart disease and Parkinson’s disease are receiving a new letter from the VA that may cause some alarm. This letter asks that veteran to provide evidence that they were exposed to Agent Orange in service and is usually sent to vets who were stationed in Guam, Puerto Rico, Thailand, ...
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  • Cold War Service in Europe

    || 13-Nov-2015

    Many veterans don’t realize that they don’t need to have served during a time of war or in a combat zone to be entitled to disability compensation from the VA. Any injuries that occur during active service are compensable, and that includes injuries that occur while training. In addition, training accidents may result in other problems, such as PTSD. Service members who were stationed ...
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