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Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • How Much Will This Divorce Cost Me?

    || 27-May-2015

    The short answer is: Get out the check book. Certainly not every divorce is going to be costly for the parties involved. In the case of a couple that has been married only a short time, and have no children, it is unlikely that a divorce will financially cost either of the parties much money, other than relatively low attorney fees, and/or the additional cost one pays to no longer share expenses ...
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  • Recent Discovery Trends for DUI Cases

    || 8-May-2015

    For many years, prosecutors have possessed an unfair advantage in the area of investigative resources. Having an unlimited budget has allowed prosecutors to use inexhaustible resources in finding every possible shred of evidence that might be remotely related to a criminal investigation. That unfair advantage is gradually shifting and balancing to give defendants more tools. Years ago, the use of ...
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