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Blog Posts in March, 2015

  • Choose Your Friends Wisely

    || 25-Mar-2015

    Supposedly there is an old Chinese proverb which says something to the effect of: It is easy to dodge the arrow of an enemy, but difficult to avoid the spear of a friend. I suppose that can be taken to mean that when your friends are pointing out your flaws, which may hurt your feelings, it can be hard to avoid the truth behind what they say. On the other hand, even the spears they inadvertently ...
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  • Civil Forfeiture or Criminal Prosecution

    || 20-Mar-2015

    Generally speaking, the Double Jeopardy Clause of the Fifth Amendment prohibits the one specific government entity from punishing you twice for the same crime. The prohibition prevents the government from imposing a criminal sentence and taking your property. As an example, if somebody is caught with money while traveling through the state of Nebraska, and the government suspects that money is ...
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  • Criminal Defense Attorney John Berry spoke to University’s Students Innocence Project in March about the latest concerns defense lawyers are facing statewide. Berry, President of the Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association (NCDAA), talked about the importance of continuing education and training as well as legislative issues from a criminal defense lawyer’s courtroom ...
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