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Blog Posts in February, 2015

  • But Officer, I Can Explain...

    || 26-Feb-2015

    You would be amazed at how many people are in jail or prison right now, because they tried explaining their way out of something with a police officer, or someone else accusing them of something nefarious. In cases with no physical evidence of a crime, it can be difficult to obtain a conviction simply based on the claims of the alleged victim. But when the suspect tries to explain their behavior, ...
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  • Real Advice for Real Life Problems

    || 16-Feb-2015

    There are plenty of stories throughout the news - nationally and locally - about attorneys who give their clients bad advice. I’ve literally talked to 100s of clients who are in legal trouble because a person with one black suit who markets himself online as a “top criminal defense attorney” gave that client poor advice. Here is an example: I had a client a few years back who had ...
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  • How Do I Know When I Need a Lawyer?

    || 11-Feb-2015

    Yesterday, AMC launched a spin-off of the show “Breaking Bad” which is about a criminal defense attorney and it is entitled “Better Call Saul.” Like most television shows, the program is designed to be entertaining, but not necessarily insightful. However, yesterday’s episode raised a great question: when do I need to hire a lawyer? Sometimes the answer to this ...
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  • Over the past 5 years, federal forfeiture cases in Nebraska resulted in over $4.6 million in seized assets. Forfeiture is the loss of property as a penalty for wrongdoing. In drug cases, money and property that are connected to the drug trade can be taken by police in connection with an arrest, even if the person is not charged with a crime. Now, Local law enforcement is unsure of how to proceed ...
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  • Woman Accepts Plea Bargain in Interstate 80 Case

    || 3-Feb-2015

    In connection with an October 2013 drug trafficking case, a 24-year-old woman will not be facing federal indictment due to the acceptance of a plea bargain. Her co-defendant was not offered a plea deal and will be facing federal charges for the incident. The duo were arrested after being stopped by Nebraska State Patrol on Interstate 80. Deal Cut in Interstate 80 Trafficking Case According to the ...
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