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Blog Posts in November, 2014

  • Excellence in the Courtroom

    || 26-Nov-2014

    Athletes and soldiers achieve excellence through training. In sports, practice is crucial. In the military, battle drills and rehearsals are used to prepare for combat. Any endeavor in which excellence is expected, that requires constant training. This is no different for lawyers. While most states have continuing legal education requirements that mandate attorneys to participate in a minimal ...
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  • Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Now or Wait?

    || 24-Nov-2014

    This is a question frequently asked by clients when looking to hire a criminal defense lawyer for a relative, friend or themself. In my experience, the sooner an attorney from the Berry Law Firm can enter an appearance in a criminal case, the more likely the results are going to be favorable for somebody charged with a serious felony. Because attorneys from our office have represented clients from ...
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  • Nebraska Forfeiture Cases on the Rise

    || 19-Nov-2014

    Years ago, I heard a State Trooper testify that on Interstate 80 drugs travel East and money travels West. Back then, most interstate drug stops involved drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin destined for cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, or Washington DC. While we are still regularly contacted by individuals stopped and arrested for possession with intent to ...
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